Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 19

Stevie Ray Vaughan

That man is one of my favorite artists (not #1, though. That place has, from a very early age, been reserved for the Beatles).

Today’s #daily365 / DSED was inspired by a line from May I Have a Talk With You, one of his many covers (I believe BB King originally wrote and performed it).

“You know I like my coffee sweet in the morning,

and I’m crazy about my tea at night”

The night/day, coffee/tea juxtaposition caught my eye, so I decided to play with it.

Hope you enjoy. As always, your feedback is welcome, and appreciated.

coffee/tea ©2010 rafael armstrong

2 thoughts on “Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 19

  1. I like this, especially using the letters to form the sun and moon. I would have chosen more night-ish colours for “tea” but that’s just me. 🙂

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