Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 27

So, yesterday I decided to take on the works of a woman widely regarded as the #1 female poet in Puerto Rico. Today, I figured I’d take a stab at número dos.

Turns out this choice was rather appropriate, considering the events of today.

The woman’s name is Gabriela Mistral. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t really know much about her. As a kid growing up in Puerto Rico, I remember one of the schools (pretty sure it was a high school) named after her, and I knew she was a poet,  so I figured she must have been a poet of some import. I also recall studying her life or her works in high school, either. I might have, but who knows.

So, in doing a little research on her for today’s CSED, I found out she wasn’t even Puerto Rican. Turns out she was Chilean.

So, that settled it. I had to use her words as the base for today’s piece. I decided, since I really knew nothing about her life or her work, that I wanted to use a quote or personal saying that might have been attributed to her. After a little Googling I found a bunch. The moment I read this one I knew it was the one:

©2010 rafael armstrong

It translates as follows:

Wherever there’s a tree that needs planting, (then you) plant it.
Wherever there’s a mistake that needs correcting, (then you) correct it.
Wherever there’s an effort that everyone avoids making, (then you) make it.
Let it be you the one that clears the boulder from the path.

I think the world could use a little bit more of this mindset.

Thanks for visiting. Your feedback is always welcome.


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