Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– For April 11

So, this is the second piece, corresponding to yesterday. Inspiration, it is said, is found in the strangest of places. This piece was no exception.

Some thoughts on the CSED:

I was sitting in church on Sunday, and during the sermon, my pastor used the expression “spiritually fit”. The image of a heart (one of the common visual representations of “soul” or “spirit”) being fit and flexing its muscles just popped in my head and stayed there.

It’s nowhere near as polished as I would like it to be (finished pieces aren’t necessarily the point of these exercises & explorations). I roughed out the drawing in 10-15 minutes straight into Illustrator, and without the aid of a tablet (the arms/hands are bothering me, because I know I’m better than that. Still… “rules is rules”. And I’m really getting an itch to get a tablet soon.)

©2010 rafael armstrong

As always, your feedback is most welcome. Enjoy!


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