Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– May 20

I resisted Comic Sans’ siren song, and did not succumb to the temptation of Helvetica (which is one of my top 10 faves). For some reason, I just couldn’t go 3-for-3 with this one…

©2010 rafael armstrong

I just realized the crop marks showed up on the jpeg, but I don’t care to spend more time with Papyrus to fix it. Enjoy!

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– May 19

When I set off on the “alphabet series”, there were a handful of fonts that, from the get-go, I knew I wanted to use. OCR was one of them. I used a not-too-old self-portrait (I guess you could call it that) and decided to give myself some digital “hair” replacement. Enjoy!

©2010 rafael armstrong

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)–for May 12

In case an apology needs to be made

I promised myself I wasn’t going to use helvetica for this. That said, I didn’t set out to the typeface I ended up using.

How did this happen?

I started looking at the different looks of each “h” typeface, and I noticed how much hobo’s “h” looked like a piece of a wishbone. I started scaling and placing and rotating, and the wishbone ended up becoming more of a spiral pattern. From there I arrived at what we have here. Total time: less than 10 minutes.

©2010 rafael armstrong